• 2pm

    High Performance Go

    High Performance Go is a half day workshop that teaches the foundations of writing Go code that performs well at scale.


    October 9, 2016


    Le 39, 39 rue Beauregard, 75002 Paris


    Dave Cheney, Contributor to the Go project


    English only, no translation. Fluent English required.

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    About the teacher:

    Dave Cheney
    Contributor to the Go project


    • What does performance mean, what is possible?

      A short introduction that describes the current computing landscape, what modern cpu’s look like, what they like (sequential data), and what they don’t like (random, unpredictable data).

    • Benchmarking

      How to write effective benchmarks, and how to interpret their results. This section includes some traps for young players and advice for how to avoid them.

    • Performance measurement and profiling

      How to use the tools built into the Go runtime, and other tools like perf(1) to gain an understanding on what your code is doing.

    • Memory management and GC tuning

      As Go is a garbage collected language, understanding, and working with the garbage collector is a large part of writing performant applications.

    • Concurrency

      The final section focuses on using (and not overusing) Go’s concurrency features.

    After each section there will be ample time for questions from the students.

    Once all the sections are complete the remainder of the time will be dedicated to assisting the students in applying the material to their own projects.


    • Each student must provide their own laptop with a current working Go environment.
    • Students are expected to bring real code to profile and improve.


    At the end of the day you will be able to:

    • Write reliable benchmarks.
    • Profile existing programs.
    • Identify common bottlenecks.
    • Address performance bottlenecks and measure the result.

    Who should attend:

    • Familiarity with the Go programming language is assumed. This is not an introductory course on Go programming.
    • Students should have written and deployed a Go application to production.

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  • 7pm

    The GIG: Gathering of International Gophers

    Feel like meeting the local crowd and other fellow gophers from around the world? Then join the GIG: Gathering of International Gophers!

    The Golang Paris team are inviting gophers to meet and interact directly in an inclusive, non elitist, informal manner, through a series of lightning talks, followed by a time for chats, laughs, demos, non generic thinking and static dancing.

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